IP Library, Information and Cultural Management – Academic Summer School (IP LibCMASS)

Second Project Year
Host institution 2012: University of Zagreb
Department of Information and Communication Sciences
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
(2-15 September 2012)



February 2013. Review of the IP LibCMASS 2012 written by Monika Berac is published in the Croatian Library Association Newsletter: http://www.hkdrustvo.hr/hkdnovosti/clanak/644

23-25 January 2013. In Hacettepe University in Ankara was held the 21st BOBCATSSS SYMPOSIUM. For IP LibCMASS presentation see more in the information, prepared by Denitsa Dimitrova.Link

12 December 2012. On Valorization Conference, organized by Human Resources Development Center our IP LibCMASS Project was awarded on the first place and received Certificate for overall quality performance. Link PPT Photo Documentation

1 November 2012. Presentation of IP LibCMASS 2012 in the Conference ‘Knowledge Society and 21st Century Humanism’ at SULSIT, Sofia. Link.

25 Octomber 2012. Monika Berac and Marko Rimac gave a presentation about IP LibCMASS 2012 to master level students of the Department of Information and Communication Sciences in University of Zagreb. More.

18 Octomber 2012. Assoc. Prof. PhD Tania Todorova presented the report ‘Erasmus Intensive Programme „Library Information and Cultural Management – Academic Summer School in Zagreb Univercity“ in the program of Scientific seminar with international participation ’Infromation Literacy – training models and best practices’, 18 -19 October 2012, University Library of the University of Economics, Varna. Link.

Octomber 2012. Assoc. Prof. PhD Tania Todorova presented IP LibCMASS 2012 in Zagreb in front of the Academic Council of State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies.

Octomber 2012. Assoc. Prof. PhD Tania Todorova presented IP LibCMASS 2012 on the National Meeting of Erasmus Coordinators in Sofia, organized by Human Resource Development Centre.

1 Octomber 2012. Announcement on IP LibCMASS 2012 was published on Department of Information Management at Hacettepe University website:http://www.bby.hacettepe.edu.tr/eng/duyuru.asp?did=184Link.

5 September 2012. Media Reflection. Link. Link. Link. Link.

4 September 2012. Announcement on IP LibCMASS 2012 was published on Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences website on September 4 (http://www.ffzg.unizg.hr/) and on Department of Information and Communication web site on September 2 (http://www.ffzg.unizg.hr/infoz/hr/). Link. Link.

30 August 2012. All participants received their Account and Password for the IP LibCMASS e-platform ILIAS 2012.

28 August 2012. Safety flights to all participants from Ankara, Paris and Sofia! Successful and enjoyable Intensive Program in Zagreb! Link.

11 August 2012. In Rubric PUBLICATIONS you could find more materials from the RECOMMENDED LITERATURE

6 August 2012. Student Accommodation and Useful Information for IP LIbCMASS Zagreb 2012. More —> Link. Link. Link.

27 July 2012. Leaflet and Poster for IP LibCMASS 2012. Link. Link.


10 July 2012. Programme for IP LibCMASS 2012, 2-15 September in University of Zagreb. Link.

09 July 2012. Look at PPT of NATIONAL STUDENTS TEAMS. Thank you to Denitsa Dimitrova from Sofia for the preparation of presentations! SOFIA TEAM. ZAGREB TEAM. ANKARA TEAM. PARIS TEAM.

20 June 2012. Dr. Tania Todorova was awarded by the National Agency in celebration of 25 anniversary of ERASMUS Programme in Bulgaria. Link. Link


12 June 2012. Photo documentation from the First meeting of SULSIT Team. Link

04 June 2012. Project Intensive Program Erasmus ‘Library, Information
and Cultural Management – Academic Summer School’ (IP LibCMASS) Second
Project Year Zagreb 2012 – coordinator SULSIT, Sofia and partners –
Hacettepe University, Ankara; University of Zagreb and IUT Université
Paris Descartes received approval after selection procedure of the
Bulgarian National Agency. Let’s project START!

07.04.2012. Students Selection Procedure. Learn more. PPT.

17.04.2012. Selection Procedure in SULSIT, Sofia. Learn more.