IP LibCMASS aims to create interdisciplinary educational program and learning environment in which to acquire the knowledge and skills relating to the contemporary challenges of the management of libraries, museums, archives and information technology centrеs. The target group are students (BSc, MSc, PhD) in library and computer science, information technology and cultural and historical heritage of SULSIT (Sofia), Hacettepe University in Ankara (Turkey), University of Zagreb (Croatia), University Paris Descartes (France) and University of Szeget (Hungary). The total number of students is 26, teachers – 18. The mission of the project is using a rich methodological toolkit to implement a modern educational process aimed at implementation of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills relevant to the new requirements in the career development of students in library and information and cultural sector and the policy response to higher education and the EU initiative on „New skills for new jobs”. The main topics in IP LibCMASS are: Library, Information and Cultural Management. Information literacy; Preservation and access to cultural heritage. Digital libraries; Intellectual Property. Information brokerage; Information technologies in libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions. For each topic students have theoretical lectures by a multinational team of lecturers, focusing on presenting different theories and approaches according to the specialization of an expert. The theoretical material assimilates through a variety of teaching methods (workshops, seminars, individual assignments and Case Study in cultural institutions). We share national experiences and best practices, we interact in national and international teams, we stimulate the intercultural dialogue and foreign language communication in English. Project management and communication teacher-student are based on own website: http://libcmass.unibit.bg/, e-learning platform ILIAS: http://libcmass.unibit.bg/iplibcmass/ and e-platform ‘Intercultural Exchange around the profession of librarian’: http://www.docinfos.fr/culturex/. ICT technologies and interactive applications are widely used in the learning process. Graduates acquire 4 ECTS. IP LibCMASS accumulate theoretical and practical basis on which universities make updates to existing curricula and textbooks. In 2013 IP LibCMASS will be in Hacettepe University, Ankara. This sustainability of the project concept ensures a stable international and interdisciplinary network in higher education in library and information sciences, computer sciences and cultural heritage sciences and to promote cooperation between academic education and practice – library, information and cultural sector.